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Top 5 Most Important Vendors to Book -- The Planning Process

Updated: Jan 2

First Things First -

Decide on the perfect location for YOU! Some couples have been planning their wedding since they were a little kid and others are just now starting the process. Remember that this day is all about you two, so make sure each part is special to you.

If you are struggling to research and find venues then the first vendor to start booking is YOUR WEDDING PLANNING + COORDINATION TEAM! Haley Nyal Events has an amazing Full Service Wedding Package that is designed to help from engagement till your wedding day. By taking the first step in hiring a professional Wedding Team, you will feel so much relief going into the planning process.




We do not just encourage you to do research and book your photo team, but find the perfect videographer as well. These two vendors are known to book out at least a year in advance, up to TWO years in advance, so if you have your eyes on a specific person to capture your day START REACHING OUT NOW!


Some venues may include in-house catering, but for most venues you will need to book from an outside source. You must be thinking, why catering so early? The reason we suggest booking catering so early is because the food at your wedding is SO IMPORTANT. Catering doesn't just bring the food, they are the key component to a huge chunk of your wedding day. Dinner service takes anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours of your wedding day. By moving forward with your catering menu, you are then able to finalize your rentals + start planning for the little details before, during, and after dinner service.


This may seem a little less common for many wedding planners, but our team works very close with all DJ's and believe it is extremely important to get a DJ who fits your style. We have amazing DJ's we have worked very close with, but we also know that your DJ needs to fit your personal needs and sometimes that takes a few interviews to find the perfect fit. Your DJ is what keeps the mood alive, he or she is also your MC for the night and needs to be able to gage the crowd throughout the wedding. We work hand in hand with your DJ to execute a fun, flawless wedding day!


Florists are insanely busy all year round! Some florists have a team and others work solo. By giving them plenty of time to prepare a quote, design the perfect vision for your wedding, and execute all your floral dreams... it leaves less stress during the last few months before the wedding + guarantees a better experience all around. A florist doesn't only create floral arrangements, they also are a huge part of your design elements!! They truly make your wedding pop.


Make sure to book your rentals before it is too late. Most bigger rental companies have pretty large quantities, but if you wait too long to book they will not have enough for your guest count. A huge problem that I have been seeing lately is that couples wait till the last minute for rentals and then run into not getting the exact linen style or china because quantities are low. This goes for all table top + furniture rentals, the bigger the wedding the sooner you'll need to book your rentals.


This includes hair, makeup, bridal gown, tuxedo, accessories, shoes, etc. Do not wait, just as your favorite vendors book out fast, your favorite beauty teams will too + the process to get the perfect fit takes time. Order early + book early!


These are just a few of the most important vendors to book! We know there are many amazing vendors that contribute to your wedding day and we have a long list of incredible preferred vendors that we can't wait to share with you!

Know it is never too early to book your vendors, but it can be TOO LATE! Start reaching out as soon as possible and if you are in need of extra guidance during the planning process don't hesitate to send an inquiry in today. Our team books out about a year in advance, let's get planning your best day ever.

We hope that this BLOG gets you thinking about what your wedding day team will look like, comment below what your favorite vendors are so that others can start researching them today!

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