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How to Create a Wedding Day Timeline

The wedding day timeline is not just any timeline, it is the key component to a successful wedding day. The timeline is the one document of the day that each vendor is able to connect to and follow without question. A true treasure for everyone included in your wedding day experience & one of the most important parts of the wedding as a whole.

4 Steps To Creating your Wedding Day Timeline

Haley Nyal Events Addition -- Our Process of Guiding YOU!

Step 1

Haley Nyal Events team will schedule an Initial Consultation with you to establish the events included in the timeline & the preferred order of events for the wedding day. We have a handy workflow that we follow for each of our clients.

Important events could be:

  • Getting Ready

  • Pre-Ceremony Cocktail Hour

  • Ceremony

  • Post-Ceremony Cocktail Hour

  • Dinner Service

  • First Dance

  • Special Dances

  • Grand Exit

  • + MORE


Step 2

Once we have nailed down the events you wish to include in your day, we use our wedding day timeline template to fill in YOUR wedding style & begin to collect ALL of your Vendor's contact information to start adding in their arrival times and departure times. -- One very important part of creating your timeline is communication with each vendor so we try to get this information as soon as possible.

The Information Needed from your Vendor's is:

  • Companies Business Name

  • Companies Point of Contact's First and Last Name

  • Companies Best Email

  • Companies Best Phone Number -- Super Important for the Wedding Day!


Step 3

Be Creative + Add Photos to the Wedding Timeline to show the color palette + style of

the wedding day. This is a personal touch that the Haley Nyal Events team adds to your wedding day timeline. We like to have all the important details as well as show our creative side!


Step 4

Finalize the Timeline at our Final Meeting scheduled by the Wedding Coordination Team & once the client has approved of all elements in the timeline we then send it out to your VENDOR TEAM + anyone else in need of the timeline to successfully execute your wedding day.

This may include:

  • Officiant

  • Maid of Honor + Best Man

  • Emergency Contact Person

  • Bridal Party

  • Immediate Family

  • ALL Vendor's Included

  • + More

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