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2024 Wedding Trends: Unique Ways to Create a Lasting Impression

Trend #1 - Non-Uniform Bridal Party Attire

2024 is the year of mixing things up and going against the traditional matching bridesmaids' dresses. This trend allows you to highlight each individual and ensure they are wearing something that makes them feel confident + comfortable on your wedding day. By mixing in different colors, textures, and patterns it can give your wedding a whole new feel + make a statement for the rest of the evening! We think this is a great way to elevate your ceremony + adds such a refreshing element of fun to your wedding day photos.

How To Incorporate this Trend

An easy way to achieve this trend is set a color palette to guide your bridal party through choosing their attire. Be specific on the vibe of the wedding and add in some examples to make sure everyone is on the same page. We suggest that all bridal party attire be ordered at least 6 months in advance before the big day to ensure everything fits properly. Don't forget about the accessories!

Real Life Wedding Coordinated by Haley Nyal Events

The bridal party attire from Molly + Jared's wedding added so much vibrance to their full wedding vision! Molly let her bridesmaids choose a different dress to match their eclectic backyard wedding vibe. We loved getting to see all their personalities shine through this trend. To spice up the vibe, we added in parasol umbrellas which was a huge hit and so trendy!

-photo courtesy of @katelynbradleyphotography + @natachajolene


Trend #2 - Experiential Entertainment 

Dancing may not be your thing and that is totally OK! Offering entertainment that requires quest participance gives your guests an exciting way to get involved without feeling left out on the dance floor. Experiential entertainment is designed to entertain your guests with purpose and makes for a fun after story. Weddings will no longer be cookie cutter in 2024, get ready for some more entertainment and a lot of fun!

How To Incorporate this Trend

This trend can be achieved by hiring a performer for after dinner entertainment or setting up games for guests to play whenever they desire. Some examples of this trend are hosting trivia, renting photobooths, providing casino tables, or hiring a magician/ hypnotist. The wedding industry is growing, which means more vendors are branching out to offer extra services. Incorporate activities that represent you and how you met!

Real Life Wedding Coordinated by Haley Nyal Events

As shown below, Stefanie +Eli's wedding featured three different casino game tables. While some guests danced the night away others were occupied with gambling over the artificial money provided. Leave your guests saying, " I loved how we got to enjoy casino games at Stefanie + Eli's wedding!" Experiential entertainment is one of the many trends we can't wait to see more of.

-photo courtesy of


Trend #3 - Daytime Ceremonies

Want to start your wedding day a bit earlier, well daytime ceremonies are coming back! Starting your ceremony earlier in the day is optimal when you have different locations for ceremony + reception. A great advantage of having an early ceremony is that you + your guests can get a break to freshen up, take a nap, or have a drink before the festivities continue at your reception location.

How To Incorporate this Trend

Daytime ceremonies are a great way to get more time with your loved ones. If this is a priority, make sure to book with a venue that provides daytime ceremony timeslots. A daytime ceremony is good for destination weddings, waterfront views, beach weddings, + cultural weddings. Most people choose this option because it provides perks such as - more hours of natural lighting, more hours to celebrate, + a mini gap between your ceremony + reception to relax.

Real Life Wedding Coordinated by Haley Nyal Events

We had the opportunity to be a part of Nisha +Art's daytime Cambodian Ceremony that took place at 9:00 am with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony following. Adding in both of their cultures + creating a day that was filled with many memories to look back on for years to come. With a small break in-between, they then proceeded to celebrate their marriage at Amador Cellars Winery with all their family + friends dancing the night away.

-photo courtesy of @j.o._photography


Trend #4 - Maximalism

The sky’s the limit for decor in 2024. Over the top florals + heavy decorations have been declared “tacky” in previous years, but we believe they’re making their way back in the best way possible! This trend revels a grand celebration of love that is impossible to ignore!

How To Incorporate this Trend

Think bold color combinations, intricate floral arrangements, and elaborate tablescapes. Maximalism is all about "more is more" and transforming a space into a wonderland for your wedding. Extravagant decor can include statement pieces such as chandeliers, floral arches, drapery, or an abundance of candles. Maximalism is also shown in elaborate wedding gowns + dramatic embellishments. Going BIG in all aspects of the wedding from beginning to end!

Real Life Wedding Coordinated by Haley Nyal Events

We had the pleasure of working with Tori + Martin at V.Sattui this past year and LOVED seeing their vision come to life. Each element had a purpose + made a lasting impression for their guests. They celebrated in the barrel room at V.Sattui with beautiful long wooden farm tables, an abundance of florals filling each table, added in tapered candles in hurricane vases, and added gold + black accents to pop. Each guest was in "awe" walking into each part of their wedding, especially the reception space. We really enjoyed how much thought Tori + Martin put into each part of their wedding day and know their guests did too.

-photo courtesy of @loveandtheory


Trend #5 - Interactive Decor

Interactive decorations are expected to be a big hit for 2024. Imagine you walk into a wedding and are greeted with a champagne wall, head over to the ceremony and get to make your own personalized cone full of petals to toss at the couple after they say, "I do", then proceeding dinner you get to enjoy a little fun with a photobooth... now that's a party! Weddings in 2024 are all about creating a day that represents you + your relationship in a unique way. Adding in interactive decor will elevate your guest experience + provide an opportunity to fill in any time gaps.

How To Incorporate this Trend

This trend can be achieved by hiring a specialty vendor to your wedding day team or collaborating with your design team - florists, calligraphers, rental companies, etc. to make a statement piece for your guests to interact with. We are so excited to see how this trend will evolve as the year goes by.

Real Life Wedding Coordinated by Haley Nyal Events

Karly + Geno's wedding incorporated a champagne wall made by the groom for guests to grab a refreshing glass of bubbly on their way in and take photos next to. It was the perfect way to start their wedding. They even set aside time for a full welcome reception so guests could mingle, get settled in, and interact with one another before the ceremony began.

-photo courtesy of @soullikethesun


We had so much fun incorporating these upcoming trends with our past clients and are so ready to keep implementing all the fun ideas that are to come for 2024. Share with us your favorite trend, we can't wait to hear what you are going to add to your wedding day!

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